Welcome to MeetingSense5 (BETA)!

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We are pleased to announce the 5th major version of MeetingSense Collaboration!

After almost 2 years of listening to customer and market feedback, intensive R&D, and mountains of love… we’ve rebuilt MeetingSense from the ground up to address the critical meeting productivity needs of our customer and the market with the ultimate group collaboration tool, MeetingSense5 (BETA).

The all-new MeetingSense retains the same powerful, but easy-to-use features and functionality of the previous version, but takes a totally fresh, reimagined look at how to increase meeting productivity. We’ve added tons of new features with cutting edge look/feel and usability, all while making it an even more intuitive and seamless group collaboration tool to use with your existing tools and familiar workflows.

Watch the two new demos up on the site, sign up for a Live Online Demo given by our top product experts, or just download the free 30-day trial and start using the MeetingSense5 Beta for yourself and your team today. It’s so easy to use you won’t need any training. Have fun trying the MeetingSense5 Beta today!

The BETA is still in development and will be updated until a public non-beta version is released. If you happen to find any issues or bugs, or just want to provide ideas for new features, we’d love to hear from you. Please give us your feedback!