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Easy Online Team Collaboration for Every Meeting Attendee

Instantly turn every meeting participant into a meeting expert. Empower every one of your meeting attendees to actively participate in driving the success of your meetings, projects, and business… using just their email and a web browser. Leverage existing tools & familiar workflows to capture, send, and then easily manage and collaborate around the contextual meeting information you share and exchange in your meetings.

Get Meeting Culture & Introduce Standardized Best Practices

The best meeting cultures strike a perfect balance between centrally established and shared best practices, with enough flexibility to support individual team processes. Our deep integration with Microsoft Office 365 products foster that perfect cultural balance by supporting and enhancing your team’s existing, established workflows and interactions. From start to finish, MeetingSense helps you introduce meeting best practices throughout the entire pre, during, and post meeting lifecycle. Utilizing these proven best practices makes all of your meetings much more efficient, effective, and successful.
MeetingSense Outlook Plugin - Agenda & Conferencing Dialog
MeetingSense WebCapture

Capture Everything That’s  Shared in Your Meetings

MeetingSense offers easy-to-use web-based meeting notes capture to ensure every meeting is productive and successful no matter who attends… or who contributes. MeetingSense gives you the tools to make every single meeting meaningful to every attendee. Efficiently capture all critical aspects of any meeting, including things like, your: notes, action items, group decisions, attendance, files and more… all in a single, intuitive interface.

Highly Consumable, Actionable Meeting Minutes

Finally achieve standardized and easy to consume meeting notes from every team meeting… seconds, not hours or days after the meeting ends. Choose from a list of canned meeting notes templates, or create and reuse custom notes templates. After meetings, your meeting notes summaries can easily be further customized and then instantly delivered to all meeting attendees’, in seconds. Ensuring that all of the critical information shared is not only seen, but used via action links that allow attendees to take immediate action right from the notes they just received.
MeetingSense Meeting Summary Email

Control Deliverables with Team Action Item Management

MeetingSense provides easy-to-use team action item management in the Cloud. Connected teams use existing email workflows and a web browser to access and manage all of the action items they assign or get assigned in or out of meetings. Any changes to action items generate emails and/or alerts that allow for closed-circle action to be taken, while an audit trail of what’s changed is logged in each user’s dashboard. The online dashboard offers a single intuitive ‘head’s up display’ for managing all of the action items that are important and constantly evolving in your team’s world, all in real-time.

Get Complete Access to Contextual Meeting Records

Everyone who attends your team’s meetings can get simple access to a customized, flexible, and intuitive online dashboard to manage all of their own, and their team’s, shared meeting information. Access the dashboard via action links in post-meeting emails, or login via the web to have all of your most important meeting information at your fingertips, ready for action… not just for storage. Individuals and teams access published meeting records and communication with the ability to easily use meeting notes, manage on-going action items, open or download files, and collaborate in real time with any team member.

Turn Microsoft Lync into a  Collaboration Platform

MeetingSense instantly turns Microsoft Office 365’s Lync from a communication tool into a robust online team collaboration platform. Use Lync throughout the entire meeting lifecycle to do more than just facilitate online chats or screenshares. The MeetingSense collaboration platform provides Lync users with the ability to capture, send, and manage all of the information exchanged in scheduled or ad-hoc Lync meetings online. LyncCapture, lets you instantly add all of the features and value that MeetingSense brings to normal meetings to Lync. Truly collaborate with your meeting attendees’ pre, during, and post any Lync meeting.
MeetingSense LyncCapture - Microsoft Lync Plugin

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